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Window Blinds FAQs

What is the most economical (cheapest) choice in window blinds?

Mini blinds are typically the blinds that cost the least. Other cost-friendly options include pre-made roman shades or Venetian blinds.

What are the advantages of choosing faux wood blinds over traditional wood blinds?

Faux wood blinds are sturdier – they don’t crack, bend or snap as easily as regular wood blinds. Faux wood blind options are also a far better choice in humidity – whether you live in a damp climate or whether the blinds are to cover a steamy bathroom window. Faux wood does not warp in humidity like real wood does.

Can window blinds be used simultaneously with draperies or curtains?

Yes, window blinds are often combined with draperies or other fabric window treatments. A window blind or roller blind is often left open when natural light is desired, but pulled shut when privacy is required.

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